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    Off to Italy 🇮🇹

The grand finale of the iXS European Downhill Cup will be held in Italy this year. The location of Abetone is no stranger; the region in Tuscany already hosted a European Cup in 2019. Back then, the Italians celebrated a double victory in the elite classes. Find out what awaits you here this year in this article!

Off to Italy 🇮🇹

For most participants, the journey is probably one of the longest but also most beautiful of the season. But Tuscany definitely rewards this effort. Anyone who has already attended Italian races knows that they are always something special. The Italian flair, the atmosphere, the decorations in the finish area... Here, the racing circus will find a well-rounded final race of the 2024 season.
Check Track Abetone 2019

The track 🏁

The Italian routes are always among the most challenging and longest. The protection is exemplary and the external appearance is maintained with great attention to detail. The route unfolds over 2,500 meters with an altitude difference of 450 meters. The upper section leads over flat alpine terrain, peppered with steep bends and jumps. Speed is required here, coupled with an aerodynamic position and occasional use of the pedals.

Zak Gomilscek EDC Abetone 2019
Drop EDC Abetone 2019
Insync Rider EDC Abetone 2019
Veronika Widmann 2 EDC Abetone 2019
Julian Steiner EDC Abetone 2019

After the speed section, there are wonderfully constructed berms that keep the speed up before you enter the forest. Roots, stones and rocks, spiced up with the thrill of jumps, make your hands really tired again. After more than five minutes, the finish line comes into view - at this point, the riders have completed one of the most exhausting stretches of the year.

Podium Elite Men EDC Abetone 2019

The bike park ⛏️

Abetone is a picturesque mountain village in Tuscany. In addition to hiking trails and ski slopes, the region also offers a very cool bike park - the Abetone Gravity Park. This consists of a variety of beautiful trails of all levels. Not least because of its charming atmosphere, Abetone has been attracting MTB fans from all over the world for several years now. Find out more about the bike park here.

Track Walk EDC Abetone 2019 18
Track Walk EDC Abetone 2019 19

Registration ✍🏽

The season finale in the Tuscany will be an absolute highlight. Registration opens on July 30 at 5:00 pm. More information about the race in Abetone can be found here.

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