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How to register

Before you can register for a race, you have to create a user account with a unique e-mail address. You need to login as user in the menu on the top of the website by clicking on 'login'. Once clicked, you can enter your login data or request a new password.

For all already registered users with an account it is essential to use this account, as otherwise you won't see your results from our database. If you have forgotten user name or password, you can request them to be resend to you under the menu entry 'login'.

When registering, you need to enter all your personal details in the form.

Please make sure to enter all your details correctly when registering. Those details will used for entry, start and results lists. Correct details are also essential to avoid confusion and problems when registering for races.

You can always update your details in your profile.

If you entered all details correctly and pressed the 'Next' button you will receive an e-mail to confirm the creation of your account.

After you have logged in successfully, a menu named ‘Registration’, ‘Results’, ‘Edit Profile’, ‘Premium’ and ‘Team Manager’ will appear underneath your profile. Once the registration for a race is open, this race will be displayed underneath ‘Registration’ and can be selected. After you have chosen the race you will be taken to the registration page, where the starting fee will be displayed. You will also have the possibility to choose the insurance and have to accept the disclaimer, before you are directed to the payment page, where you can pay via PayPal. If your registration is finished you will find your name under the attendees list for the race, but only after you have successfully completed the registration process and the fee has been received by the local organiser.

Should there be too many registrations for an event, there will be a waiting list. This information will be shown as well.

Registrations will open and activated six to eight weeks before each race.

A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Registration, user profile:

1. Do I need a new account, althrough I was registered at the old website (before 2024).

No, on the contrary, everyone should continue to use their previous account, as the database has been taken over and the past results are linked to the accounts.

2. What do I need to know when I create my user profile?

When creating your user profile, all data needs to be entered correctly. Those will be appearing on entries, start and results lists, and problems when registering for races can be avoided when using correct data.

You can always change your details in your user profile.

3. Why do I need to register?

You need an account to enter one or more races of the iXS Downhill Cup, the PROPAIN Rookies Cup or other races by!

4. Can I register for a race without registering online and creating a user profile?


5. What is PayPal?

PayPal is an online payment system which can be used for small or medium payments when buying or selling goods online.

The biggest advantage of PayPal is that payments via PayPal will be credited to payee immediately, which clears the normal delay when using bank transfers. Once you have successfully created a PayPal account, you can transfer money fast, easy and secure with your own email address and a password.

You can find all important information on how to create an account and frequently asked questions

6. Do I need a PayPal account?

It is not mandatory to create an account. PayPal allows using a guest account as a possibility to transfer money without creating your own account. In the long term we would advise you to create an account.

Registration fees can ONLY be paid via PayPal.

7. Which file format does my profile pic need to be in and what's the maximum size?

You can upload your profile pictures in the following formats: JPEG, GIF, PNG

The image should not exceed 10 mb in order to be able to upload it quickly. After uploading, you must select the image section that is almost square. You need to have the rights to use that picture.

8. What is an UCI-ID?

Only licenced rider with a valid license will have an UCI-ID. The ID consists of an eleven digits number and is unique for each rider, e.g. 0123 4567 890. It is different from your license number (e.g. THÜ 171866 - 12). This UCI-ID needs to be entered before the first race by the user himself in his profile .

9. Why do I need to enter my nationality in addition to my address?

There is the possibility that riders get their license in a country different from their country of residence, and start for a different country. Normally both countries are the same.

10. Does the entry mask differentiate between small caps and capitals?

Yes, it is really important for the password. Please make sure that you haven't pressed the caps locked button on your keyboard. The user name must be a unique e-mail-address.

11. Can I change my details later?

You can change your details anytime. After you have successfully logged in with user name and password by pressing the login button, you will be taken to your profile where you can do changes by pressing 'Edit Profile'.

12. Why is the PROPAIN Rookies Cup not listed under 'Registration' in case of Elite or Masters riders?

The PROPAIN Rookies Cup is only open for young riders. The aim of the series is the promotion and support of young talents.

13. What do I need to do if my name is not at the attendees list?

In case you get the confirmation mail from PayPal, but you are not listed in the attendees list, please describe your problem via the contact form.

14. What do I need to do if I haven't received my confirmation email?

Please check your SPAM or junk email folder for any emails that might have ended up there. Otherwise the reason might be that you have entered a wrong email address or your mailbox is full or over its capacity.

15. What do I need to do if I have forgotten user name or password?

You might want to take a note of it when you register. Otherwise you can request your user name or a new password in the login panel when clicking when 'Forgot your password'.

16. Can I enter both races (RDC and DHC) at Winterberg?

Due to the high number of entries that's not possible, so we can give as many riders as possible the opportunity to take part in the iXS Dirt Masters Festival.

17. When the registration will open for a race?

The details about the registration period you can find at the facts (left box at the race subpage).

18. What is a premium account?

Premium account members enjoy some benefits, like the possibility of a series registration, more representations and information in the profile and the text message service about race results and start times (fee 19,95 Euro per year).

19. How can I get a premium account membership?

You have to login to your profile, so you can find the men Premium. After accepting the terms of use you have to pay the fee via PayPal.

20. What means series registration?

With the series registration you are able to register for all races of a series at once. This function is only available for premium account members.

B Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – General:

1. What are the basic conditions for taking part in a race?

The conditions are set by the reglement and the disclaimer and are binding for every for every participant!

In these documents you can read all essential information about the division in classes, age restrictions, protection, essential training requirements, distances between starters, order of starters, red flag, points system, price money, starting fees, responsibilities etc..

2. What’s the schedule for each race?

There will be a general schedule for each race. The schedule is binding, but can be altered in unforeseen circumstances. This will be communicated in good time and on an official site (as notice) at the individual race location.

3. Where and when can I enter a race?

You can enter races online by clicking on ‘Registration’ at the right side of the website.

The registration will normally be activated 6 – 8 weeks in advance of the race and you can enter once you have successfully registered as rider.

You have to enter no later than one week before the race as registration will close then.

4. Can I register on the day for a race?

Registration on the day cannot be guaranteed; once the starting list has reached its final capacity it is impossible. If you travel to an event without been registered, you do so at your own risk.

5. When is the registration process finished and when have I successfully signed up for a race with a guaranteed starting place?

Your starting place is guaranteed as soon as you have successfully registered for a race, the fee has been processed by PayPal and has been received. The riders name will then be displayed under ‘Attendees’ of the individual race site.

6. What Money-Back-Service can I purchase during the registration process?

The Money-Back-Service you can purchase covers your entry fees shall you not be able to attend races due to circumstances which are approved by the terms and conditions.

7. From whom can I claim my starting fee shall I wish to purchase the Money-Back-Service?

If you booked the Money-Back-Service you have to contact Racement by sending the official form. You need to sent us the form incl. attached documents. Please login and click on "cancel" behind the respective race, so you will be forwarded to the official form. Once successful, your fee will be covered.

You will find the terms and conditions in the download section.

8. When and where will I get my number plate?

Your number will be given out at the designated counter at each event. You will find the detailed times in the timetable for each race.

9. Can I camp at the races?

Most races have a paddock where camping is possible. You will need to pay a fee to the local organiser. As the fee is set locally, it can vary from race to race.

10. What do DNF and DNS stand for?

DNF means: 'Did Not Finish' and

DNS means:'Did Not Start'

At Downhill races it is possible to start in the finals in spite of a DNF in the seeding run. With a DNS in the seeding run you are not allowed to start in the finals.

11. Top Training at the iXS European Downhill Cup

An additional training period is provided for the Top 80 Elite Men, Top 10 Elite Women and Top 5 U17 and Masters classes at the iXS European Downhill Cup. Within this time slot only those riders are allowed to train at the course. The classification for those riders will be done based on world rankings or the rankings of each series. To give you an example: Out of the Elite Men riders registered for the event we will select the best 80 riders according to the world rankings. Shall there not be enough riders to fill the 80, we will then consider the overall rankings of the series. We will publish a list with all eligible riders on Saturday morning at the iXS Race Support Booth.

12. Super Final at the iXS European Downhill Cup

At the races of the iXS European Downhill Cup a Super Final will hold on the final day. The best 30 riders of the class Elite Men will start once more. The start order will be determined on the basis of the reverse result of the final round. The official result will compose of the Super Final until rank 30, all other will be placed from position 31.