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Downhill & Kids Cup

Bike Festival Willingen

The second race of the iXS Downhill Cup and the VPACE Kids Cup are in the starting blocks. Once again, the Bike Festival in Willingen is the venue for the second race in the series. Action, fun and excitement are guaranteed here.

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Pyrenaeen Sonnenaufgang

Registration Panticosa

iXS EDC #3

For the first time in the history of the iXS European Downhill Cup, a race will take place in Spain. The series has never set foot on Spanish terrain before. This region impresses with imposing mountains, unique nature and a course that has already hosted a World Cup.

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Lino Donath Franke DHC Winterberg 2024

We need more mud

DHC #1 Winterberg

The start of the first iXS Downhill Cup of the season at the iXS Dirt Masters Festival offered everything that makes a downhill fan's heart beat faster. The weather showed its moody side, which made the event a real challenge. From bright sunshine to torrential rain, everything was there, turning the already demanding course into a real mud fight.

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Hot Seat Rosa Marie Jensen Lina Frener DHC Winterberg 2024

Festival Day 4

iXS Dirt Masters 2024

The festival was a complete success. Thousands of visitors were not affected by the weather this year. The participating athletes were even less bothered by it. Here is a short summary of the last day.

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Whip Off i XS Dirt Masters 2024 SP 12

Festival Tag 3

iXS Dirt Masters 2024

The day at the festival began with changeable weather - sometimes the sun was shining, sometimes there were rain showers, but the atmosphere was still excellent. The numerous visitors were not deterred by the capricious weather and flocked to the various events.

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iXS Trigger X Helmet


Style is the answer to everything! Charles Bukowski already knew that. With the new Trigger X helmet, you are not only extremely stylish on the go, but also super safe and keep a cool head thanks to the first-class ventilation.

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20 Years Between the Tape
Track Walk DHC Bellwald 2023 17

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