Survey Results 2021

In the middle of the year we conducted a survey on the iXS Downhill Cup and Specialized RockShox Rookies Cup. 583 people from 42 countries participated and thus help us to make the series attractive and develop them further. Here are a few excerpts from the results...

Carve-Race_750 x 93_2021_neu

On the one hand, the survey provided interesting insights into the demographic details of the participants and, on the other, information that is relative to the races. The results presented here are only a small excerpt and serve only as an exemplary illustration and thus less for a comprehensive gain of knowledge.Umfrage_1

It was important for us to understand which criteria are used to select a race participation and which premises play a role in the respective decision. Of course, we know that for outsiders, the calendar sometimes seems a bit obscure, but believe us, we try our best to arrange the individual races well throughout the season.Umfrage_2

The topic of the paddock also played an important role in the questions. On the one hand, we wanted to know which form of accommodation is used, and on the other hand, it was interesting to know which services are desired in the paddock and how high the willingness is to pay for them. Of course, we understand the opinion that everything should be free of charge, after all, the entry fee is high enough. However, it has to be paid for by someone, and it is unfortunately the case that most races can just cover their costs. So cost allocation to the users is the only practicable way.Umfrage_3


Interesting were the answers that referred to points that we can influence directly or at least indirectly. In any case, we will discuss the results with the local organizers who are affected and, of course, try to take some things into account ourselves. Independently of the survey, we look at the development of the individual starting classes every year and evaluate this to see whether adjustments are necessary. We have also initiated innovations for the next season, although the respective federations are required to set the prerequisites in their rulebooks.


We would also like to take this opportunity to thank you once again for your participation. The constructive hints help us to adapt the series to the needs of the participants. Even if some people accused us somewhat conspiracy-theoretically that we were probably up to something strange, we were only interested in hints for minor adjustments and sensible development steps.

We have two difficult years behind us and we are glad that we are able to continue organizing the race series. Provided that the pandemic is over in the coming season, we will unfortunately still have to deal with the after-effects for a while, hopefully hardly noticeable for athletes.