iXS Dirt Masters 2016

In the upcoming season the iXS Dirt Masters Festival celebrates its 10th birthday – and as you probably already suspected this will be huge! The dates are fixed and preparations have already begun: now it’s time for a little preview.

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When the Bike Park Winterberg opened its gates for the first time in 2003, it was clear that a bright and shining future would lie ahead. Soon, first plans for an event were created, and the foundation for one of Europe’s biggest Gravity Festivals was laid. In 2006, Frank „The Lip“ Weckert, former chief editor and current owner of the Mountainbike Rider Magazine, had an idea and turned it into plans and a sinally a full-fledged event concept in cooperation with his long-time co-worker Sabrina Ungemach and the Racement Team. After a first meeting with everyone involved and of course the bike park owner Georg Brinkmann and the Head of Tourism in Winterberg Michael Beckmann, it was clear that Winterberg was not only the perfect venue for an event like this, but also more than eager to host it. Finally, in 2007 the first edition of the festival set the base for what is now a long tradition. It took months of planning and preparing, a lot of patience, many negotiations with various companies, brands, different organizers in various disciplines and of course a lot of questions concerning logistics, infrastructure and finances. But looking back, it was definitely worth it, and you all know how the story continues. Now, after a decade, it is time to celebrate and you all are invited!

The first and probably most important information is of course the date! After all, this is the date that will influence your agenda for 2016, similar to Mother’s Day and great-grandma’s birthday. Therefore and to make it worth your while we chose a long weekend again - Whitsun! 13-16 May 2016 – save the date!!!

The first important decisions concerning the time table have already been made: While the iXS German Downhill Cup will cover Friday to Sunday, the Rookies Cup will follow suit on Monday. This is a reaction to the justified criticism of many parents, who pointed out that is is impossible for young students to attend a race on Fridays. And after all the RDC especially focuses on these young riders. Of course that will also raise some criticism among the GDC riders, and we are sorry for that, but one way or the other – it is impossible to make everyone equally happy.

Cedric Gracia - iXS Dirt Masters 2015 - extreme-pics / Thomas Dietze Cedric Gracia - iXS Dirt Masters 2015 - extreme-pics / Thomas Dietze

Again the iXS Dirt Masters will be among the venues of the 4X Pro Tour. To highlight this event, the final runs will be presented on Sunday evening. Of course it would have been extremely cool to do this after nightfall and with huge floodlights, but this would also make it an extremely long day for everyone involved: riders, visitors and especially the local residents. This is why we decided to go for the early evening instead.

As you might have noticed Sunday seems to be rather packed with action including the GDC and 4X finals. But of course there will be more. On Saturday, for example, the Slopestyle Elite awaits you with the Silver event of the FMB World Tour and the Whip-Offs. And of course the agenda will also include a lot of familiar smaller events like the TSG Cash for Tricks on Friday and a pump track race on Monday. But until the timetable is printed, there is still time for some changes, so stay tuned!

Bike Loop . iXS Dirt Masters 2015 - extreme-pics / Thomas Dietze Bike Loop . iXS Dirt Masters 2015 - extreme-pics / Thomas Dietze

Another very important point that has been discussed concerns all visitors of the festival. In future, we want to provide you with the opportunity to ride your bike as much as possible during this weekend. Over the years there always have been questions as to when and where you are allowed to ride during the festival, and now that there is a new lift and a lot of additional tracks, we will try to work out a concept, that fits your expectations. Not only will you profit from longer opening hours of the tracks, but also the different brands will profit from their rental bike services.

Vans Music Night - iXS Dirt Masters 2014 © extreme-pics / Thomas Dietze Vans Music Night - iXS Dirt Masters 2014 © extreme-pics / Thomas Dietze

Last, but not least, there will of course be a VANS Music Night. It always has been and always will be an important part of the festival’s concept to end the day with music, drinks and dancing. It has become a tradition to celebrate the first day of the festival with the Discodogs, while the second night invites you to some strong guitar tunes. Over the years, a lot of bands stood on that stage. We can look back on incredible gigs by H-Blockx, Get Dead, Die Happy, Bloodlights or Peter Pan Speedrock. And we can’t wait to announce who will be playing this year. Some first names have already popped up, but let’s see... another reason to stay tuned.

As a little appetizer: feel free to watch the video of the third edition of the iXS Dirt Masters in 2009: