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    iXS EDC #2 Lenzerheide

The iXS Cup returns to Lenzerheide with a major event. The Bike Kingdom Feast has now published the programme for the action-packed festival weekend. In addition to the European Cup, there is also the Swiss Downhill Championship and some cool side events.

There's a lot going on at the Bike Kingdom Feast from 21 to 23 June 2024. In addition to the iXS European Downhill Cup and the awarding of the Swiss Downhill Championship title, various side events will turn the weekend into an unforgettable bike party.

Here is some information for the participants of the European Cup:

The STRAIGHTline is normally the venue for the UCI Downhill World Cup. This year, however, Lenzerheide is taking a break and is hosting the iXS European Downhill Cup instead. And as if that wasn't highlight enough, the Swiss Championship will also be held. There will be a kind of timed session on Friday for all participants in the national title fights, which will serve as a seeding run for the championship on Saturday. This guarantees even more excitement, as a prestigious race is already on the programme for Saturday.

Around 350 riders are expected to take part. Entries have already been received from 25 nations, which is already a first indicator of an absolutely high-calibre event. The key data of the track also point to a high standard, with almost 400 metres of elevation gain over a length of around 1,700 metres.

Camille balanche schweizer downhillmeisterschaft

Camille Balanche wird versuchen ihren fünften Titel zu holen

So if you're not taking on this challenge yourself, you should at least find your way to Lenzerheide as a spectator, because there's a lot more on offer as part of the Bike Kingdom Feast.

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Registration as Volunteer

Right in the thick of it and up close! Do you want to actively support the event on site? Then register using the form below. Thank you very much for your commitment.

Registration as part of the crew

Last Rider Standing

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You vs. the gondola lift.

Friday, 21 June 2024, from 6.00 pm

We like to try new things! This is also the case with this event, which will celebrate its premiere in 2024 during the Bike Kingdom Feast in Lenzerheide. It's a race against time, against other teams, but first and foremost it's a race against the gondola lift.

Family Race

Saturday, 22 June 2024, 11.00 am to 1.00 pm

Which family knows each other best? One parent and one child always form a team. On the last section of the FLOWline, the child sets a time and the parent has to get as close to this time as possible.

Whip Off

Saturday, 22 June 2024, from 6.00 pm

Nothing is more beautiful than flying and if it looks good, then even more so. Bikers show off the best flying manoeuvres and most beautiful whips at the WhipOff.
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Bike flea market

Do you still have bike clothes, bike accessories or spare parts lying around at home that you no longer need? Then bring your stuff to the 1st bike flea market at the Bike Kingdom Feast. We'll take care of it and sell your stuff directly at the Feast.

Opening hours flea market:

Saturday, 22 June 2024 from 10.00 am to 5.00 pm

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