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Dates Registration

For a better planning, here are the dates, when the several registrations open. In additional here you can find out when and how the registration for whole series are possible!


Here are the dates of the openings of the race registrations:

iXS European Downhill Cup
13 February 2018 iXS EDC #1 Maribor Slovenia
17 April 2018 iXS EDC #2 Kranjska Gora Slovenia
01 May 2018 iXS EDC #3 Abetone Italiy
22 May 2018 iXS EDC #4 Spicak Czech Republic
03 July 2018 iXS EDC #5 Brandnertal Austria
iXS Downhill Cup
13 March 2018 iXS DHC #1 Winterberg Germany
20 March 2018 iXS DHC #2 Willingen Germany
24 April 2018 iXS DHC #3 Klinovec Czech Republic
29 May 2018 iXS DHC #4 Ilmenau Germany
19 June 2018 iXS DHC #5 Bad Tabarz Germany
26 June 2018 iXS DHC #6 Wiriehorn Switzerland
17 July 2018 iXS DHC #7 Innsbruck Austria
31 July 2018 iXS DHC #8 Thale Germany
07 August 2018 iXS DHC #9 Bellwald Switzerland
Specialized Rookies Cup
14 March 2018 Specialized RDC #1 Winterberg Germany
10 April 2018 Specialized RDC #2 Steinach
08 May 2018 Specialized RDC #3 St. Kassian/Alta Badia Italy
15 May 2018 Specialized RDC #4 Saalbach Austria
05 June 2018 Specialized RDC #5 Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis Austria
10 July 2018 Specialized RDC #6 Schöneck

The registration for whole series opens on 1st February from 9 am. Please note, this service will be available until the registration for the first race of the several series will be closed. If a race of the series will be fully-booked earlier, the series´ registration will be also unavailable.

Due to the new structure of the iXS Downhill Cup, the registration for the whole series was changed. It is not necessary to register for all nine races of the iXS Downhill Cup, but a minimum number is assumed. You have to choose five races this year. These number of races depends on the number of races for the overall ranking.

The registration for whole series requires a special expansion available to all personal accounts on our website and therefore will be only available to premium account members. So if you want to register for a whole series at once, you will have to register for a premium account first. Of course, this is not the only advantage of these special accounts which will also offer the opportunity to upload pictures and logos of sponsors, an overview including all your past results and SMS notifications with important information on the races you participate.

If you want to enjoy the advantages of the premium account, all you have to do is log in into the system with your private account and click “premium”. After you’ve accepted the terms and payed the annual fee of Euro 19,95 via PayPal, you will be granted access to the registration for the various iXS series. It is only possible to register for a whole series, including all of the respective races and only in combination with Money-Back-Service that will be available during the process. For more info on the service terms and policy, have a look at our download section.