What actually became of...

Christian Textor

In this series of articles we want to introduce you to well-known riders who were once an integral part of the racing circus, but for various reasons have turned their backs on intensive racing or are taking a break. Today it will be about Christian Textor.

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Born in Siegen, Germany, Christian "Texi" Textor already proved what great talent he has in the downhill racing in the past. Today he does so even more, because he has neither turned his back on racing nor is he currently taking a break. Instead, Texi has simply switched disciplines, is just getting going again and is now more successful than ever in enduro racing. His first taste of racing came relatively late, but he was able to show right away that he was made for two-wheel racing:

Christian Textor:

"At 19 years old, I started downhill racing late, but found my home directly with the iXS German and European Cup to compete and develop as a racer. After a year in the hobby class followed roughly six years in the elite, where I was quite early one of the fastest German riders. Thanks to the best organizational crew, racing has always been a pleasure in all these years and I was able to win several German Cups, win the overall classification once for me and make it into the top 10 in the European Cup."

Christian Textor - GDC Thale 2016.jpgHere Texti celebrates not only his race day victory, but also his overall victory in the iXS Downhill Cup.


Christian's career

In 2016, Texti started to participate in downhill races as well as in some enduro races. He quickly found great pleasure in the discipline, which was still very young at the time, and it became clear from his first races that he would also be very successful here. In his first year as an enduro rider, he secured the German championship title. This was followed by the decision to change his focus the following year. From 2017, the main focus was then on enduro races and since 2018 Texti actively competes in the Enduro World Cup. In the meantime, he is a four-time German champion and undoubtedly ranks among the top 20 in the world in this discipline. In doing so, he still knows where his career started, noting that this origin is shared by some of today's successful enduro racers:

"Many enduro racers around me also have a past in the iXS Cup and I am sure that racing in the iXS Cup was/is a crucial milestone for my career in enduro. And who knows, maybe in the future I'll be at the start of a DH race again."

Christian Textor - DHC Bad Tabarz 2018.jpg Texti showed in Bad Tabarz in 2018 that it is also possible to be very fast on downhill courses with Enduro equipment. He was second fastest German behind Max Hartenstern in a very strong field of riders.

For the upcoming 2023 season, Texti has finally received the support he has long deserved. He is namely accommodated with one of the best teams, the "YT-MOB". We are excited about what will be possible with this new factory sponsorship, wish him all the best for the future and would of course be happy if he would make a guest appearance at one of our downhill races again.

Christian Textor - EDC Schladming 2016.jpg Back in the days: Christian Textor in a familiar look at the European Cup in Schladming.