RDC #4 St. Kassian

The Bike Beats Trails

The Specialized RockShox Rookies Cup finally continues. There are now two consecutive races coming up. First it's off to Saalbach, an MTB destination about which nothing more needs to be said, and then to St. Kassian, which is more in need of a little introduction.

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One of the main reasons to visit Movimënt are mountain bikes and e-bikes, which are the queens of the plateau thanks to the specially designed trails. If you want to have fun with family and friends, you can go on the Bike Beats: these are flowing descents that are technically less demanding than a downhill course.


You start on the summit of Piz Sorega next to the arrival point of the cable car. On the left is the more technical and difficult trail Cör (Heart), an exciting and adrenaline-pumping switchback, while on the right is the easy and scenic trail Ödli (Eyes in Ladin), which is also suitable for the less experienced. From their junction halfway up the slope, the moderately difficult Avëna (Veins) trail leads down to the valley floor in the village of San Cassiano. Also at Piz Sorega, the trail Mans (Hands) begins, leading over curves and berms to the La Fraina chairlift between Piz Sorega and Piz La Ila.

Two FotoTraps are ready to immortalise the passage of all bikers who will be able to download their favourite pictures and stunts downhill from the Piz Sorega cable car.

Before enjoying the descents on the trails, it is advisable to do a few preparation laps on the pumptrack track above Piz Sorega, which can be ridden on mountain bikes, e-bikes and even skateboards and roller skates.

The new trail: Fle

The last of the bike beats for now comes down from Pralongià: Movimënt inaugurates a trail this summer that leads down through the open meadows of Pralongià. Fle - the Ladin word for deep breath - is of medium difficulty, about three kilometres long and with an altitude difference of 300 metres. It offers long wooden elements and a breathtaking view of the beautiful Marmolada and the Sella Group. You can go down to the valley station of the Pralongià chairlift or continue towards Campolongo.


So if you're not quite sure whether the fourth race of the Rookies Cup is worth a family trip, here's the information that you can definitely chauffeur the kids to the race and then quickly get on the bike yourself in between.

Below is the website where you can find all the details, because after all, there's a lot more on offer in Alta Badia than just bike-specific things: https://www.moviment.it