iXS International Rookies Championships

Schladming to be the new host

Unfortunately, the side-effects and after-effects of the pandemic were also felt this season, so that we had to announce the first cancellations before the season even started. However, we can now announce a worthy alternative venue.

Carve-Race_750 x 93_2021_neu

After we had to announce very surprisingly a short time ago that the iXS International Rookies Championships and the Specialized RockShox Rookies Cup will no longer take place in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis, we can now present the new venue. At this point it shows once again that it is often the case that when a door closes somewhere, a new one opens in another place. In this case, the new host has opened its portal wide and invites the young elite to the well-known and highly appreciated Bikepark Schladming in the Dachstein Schladming region.

Sunset Planai - NotARace Schladming 2021.jpg

Admittedly, it is usually a bit difficult to find an alternative at such an advanced time of the year, but with our request we knocked down open doors with those responsible around the Planai. After a short presentation of this very special event, those involved decided enthusiastically that Schladming would be a worthy successor to the previous organiser. The only small drop of bitterness was the compromise in finding a date, as for various reasons the race cannot be held in the high season, but has to be moved to autumn as an exception. This means that the first weekend in October will be the end of the season and the highlight of the season at the same time.

The Bike School Pekoll is the organiser, supported by Planai Bergbahnen GmbH, the Schladming-Dachstein Tourist Region and RC WSV Schladming. The comprehensive commitment of the various players alone proves the vision that we as Racement have together with the local organiser. The iXS International Rookies Championships are to be further developed even after the change of location and consolidate their status as the most important race for young talent.

Interview Goldstone - IRC Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis 2019.jpg Canadian Jackson Goldstone did well to attract attention at the iXS International Rookies Championships and certainly sees this competition as an important milestone in his still very young career.

More information on the local conditions, the track and other relevant details will follow in due course.