iXS EDC #1 2022

Registration for Losinj open

Registration for the season opener of the iXS European Downhill Cup in Losinj, Croatia, opened today. This time, the season already begins on the first weekend in April, so there are only six weeks left until it starts again.


The iXS European Downhill Cup is entering its fifteenth year and this time the calendar looks quite different. Only two old acquaintances are still in it, whereby Maribor and Pila are probably very popular venues. New additions to Losinj are Voss in Norway and Semmering in Austria. With this, the series leaves its usual environment and brings a breath of fresh air with the new events.


Losinj is definitely not an unknown place in the field of mountain biking, after all, the World Cup was already held there. The venue definitely impressed the participants at the time, not least because of the special Mediterranean flair. So there is hardly a better destination to open the iXS European Downhill Cup. Basically, you can assume that some of the really big teams will use the opportunity to get competition practice for the coming season. In any case, you can be very curious to see how each individual rider will present himself there, after all, for many it is the first indicator of where they stand after the off-season.


The track in Losinj is just as special as the early time of the race. The existing surface is extremely stony and will be a real challenge for rider and material. After the short start passage with a few jumps, we enter the section that everyone probably has in mind when they think of past races. Rocks and many small walls form challenging obstacles and the endless scree demands a good line choice. Afterwards, the course goes through the forest for a while, which also offers a more grippy surface again, before you then pass through the town towards the harbour to what is probably the most beautiful finish of the season.

Course preview

The track building crew has definitely been busy for some time now to prepare everything in the best possible way and thus to offer an absolutely worthy venue for the opening of the iXS European Downhill Cup.


Registration for the season opener is now open and can be made. Those who need accommodation can find a suitable offer on the following website. The nearby Hotel Punta**** or its flats with pools, spa and fitness offers favourable package prices for participants. Also, the registration office will be located in the hotel and the shuttle place right next to it, so you will be optimally stationed there. https://www.losinj-hotels.com

For a special package price book at the following email: zarko.kremenovic@jadranka.hr

© Photos: Mtb Trbovlje | Sandro Tariba