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iXS Downhill Cup #1

Pamporovo Information

Round one of the iXS Downhill Cup 2021 will bring the European downhill scene to Pamporovo in Bulgaria. You need some more information? Here you go.

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What do foreign participants need?

You need one of the following document when entering Bulgaria from May 1 st, 2021:

  • A vaccination certificate indicating an approved vaccine schedule has been completed at least 14 days before arrival.
  • A document showing a positive result from a PCR or rapid antigen test for people who have recovered from COVID-19. This must be dated at least 15, but no more than 180 days before arrival.
  • A negative PCR test performed within 72 hours before entry into Bulgaria or a rapid antigen test performed up to 48 hours before entry.

Where is Pamporovo?

  • Located in the south part of Bulgaria
  • 82 km from Plovdiv (Airport available)
  • 220 km from Sofia (Airport available)
  • 451 km from Varna (Airport available)

How to get to Pamporovo by car?

  • 60 minutes from Plovdiv (automotive road – max speed 90 km/h)
  • 165 minutes from Sofia (highway – max speed 140 km/h and automotive road – max speed 90 km/h)
  • 300 minutes from Varna (highway – max speed 140 km/h and automotive road – max speed 90 km/h)
  • If you don’t have your own car, you can rent a car from any airport
  • Gasoline price aprox. – 1.13 EUR, Diesel price – 1.20 EUR
  • You can pay everywhere with credit or debit card
  • Attention: Electronic vignette is mandatory! You can buy it in every gas station! It cost 15 BGN (7,5 EUR) per 1 week

How to get to Pamporovo by flight?

  • Plovdiv is the best option, but there are not so many available flights. The best option then is Sofia airport
  • There will be an organized shuttle for all riders and their bikes. You have to state your place till 15 of June here – contact@conceptcreative.org

Where to sleep?

  • They are a lot of options – from 3 till 5 stars hotels and apartments
  • Our official partner is the beautiful 5 stars hotel Orlovetz, located in the center of Pamporovo resort. The rates for “races” without lift pass can be found here https://pamporovo.bike/en/offers/promo-paketi-lya...
  • Prices – between 15 and 35 EUR per night (including bed, breakfast and dinner) For more info and help don’t be hesitate to contact Pamporovo Tourist Center at tic@pamporovo.me

What I need to know about hotel Orlovetz?

  • Located in the main center of Pamporovo resort, near to stores and restaurants
  • In front of Pamporovo Convention Center – party and movie center
  • In front of the Bowling room
  • 5 star hotel
  • Mountain Wellness Lounge – The biggest and modern spa and recreation center in the resort (included in the price)
  • Fitness room
  • 24 hours guarded bike room (no bikes at rooms allowed)
  • Bike wash
  • Traditional and varied food
  • You can book your stay at www.hotelorlovetz.com

Where to eat?

  • At Pamporovo resort center – all restaurants at the hotels, restaurant Eureka, Restaurant Prespa, Restaurant Danmar
  • At Studenetz MTB Center (final zone) – Restaurant The Black Horse, Orange house, Iva & Elena hotel’s restaurant
  • At Snezhanka Tower – at the tower (150 meters above the ground), Restaurants Golden Eagle, Beryozka, The Lounge
  • At 4X Final zone, near to the new Pamporovo Adventure Park and Snezhanka lake – Restaurant Bohemi

How to get to “Chuck Norris” race track?

  • By car – around 10 minutes form Pamporovo resort center – 3 parking places near to the final
  • By bike – form Pamporovo resort center – 3-5 minutes biking (no uphill) to Pamporovo Tourist Center. From Pamporovo Tourist Center to Studenetz MTB Center with 4-seat chair lift (bike hooks available) - 12 minutes

How to get back from the Chuck Norris race track?

  • By car – around 10 minutes from Studenetz area to Pamporovo resort center
  • By bike – 3-5 minutes biking (no uphill) to Pamporovo Tourist Center using “The single track” MTB trail or the easy MTB route to Pamporovo (both are starting from Studenetz MTB center)

What I need to know about Pamporovo MTB Zone?

  • There are more than 35 km bike trails serviced by 4 lifts
  • There are 2 MTB Zones – Pamporovo and Mechi chal
  • There are three 4-seat chairlifts (bike hooks attached) and one 2-seat chairlift
  • We have 3 downhill tracks – 2 in Pamporovo and 1 in Chepelare
  • We have one 4X Track, where was held 4X Pro Tour in 2014
  • There are more than 20 km of Enduro trails out of the park – you can book your ride at Pamporovo Tourist Center
  • Asphalt road from the finish to the top of the race track (optional)

What I need to know about “Chuck Norris” race track?

  • Starting from the top – in front of Snezhanka Tower and finished at Studenetz MTB Zone
  • The length of the track is 1800 meters with vertical drop of 280 meters
  • There are 4 rock gardens and 2 roots sections, 24 turns and 9 jumps

What a rider needs to know about the race?

  • Registration and race office will be placed in “Final house” at Studenetz MTB Center – in front of the final jump
  • With your number plate you can use all the chairlifts for free
  • With your number plate you can participate in the 4X race for free
  • In Studenetz MTB Center will be placed 2 bike wash locations
  • At the final zone will be placed 3 team zones – one for free, one directly at the finish zone (book at contact@conceptcreative.org) and one VIP zone (terrace view and food – book at contact@conceptcreative.org)
  • 3 medical locations points – Studenetz MTB Zone, Split Time Zone, 4X Final Zone
  • You can see your results live on a big screen at the final zone and online
  • Finals will be broadcasted live in Internet and at the final screen
  • All registered riders have a free ticket for “Return to Earth” movie premiere and free entry for the party at Pamporovo Convention Center

What a media needs to know about the race?

  • Registration and race office will be placed in “Final house” at Studenetz MTB Center
  • With your media badge you can use all chairlifts for free
  • With your media badge you can visit the movie night and the party for free