iXS Cup Test Session Schladming


Today and tomorrow the NotARace - iXS Cup Test Session takes place in Schladming for almost 30 invited riders. The aim is to provide some race feeling once again, without disregarding the current Corona precautions.


The racing action has been at a complete standstill for some time now and somehow the 2020 season doesn't seem to get started. So we don´t want to watch more idle for a longer time. In this case "we" means Wyn Masters - known through WynTV, Markus Pekoll - local and former downhill pro, Uwe Buchholz - presenter and scene expert as well as Racement - organizer of the iXS series.

In the following we provide some information to explain the whole thing also for outsiders. We think that this little venture, which can't be called an event, is still attracting quite a lot of interest, after all, there is just about nothing in this direction.


Pro Downhill

Start at 1.750 m 100 m altitude below top station, Finish middle station at 1.325 m




11h00 - 15h00
Timed Session 15h00 - 17h15
Friday Training 09h00 - 10h00
Timed Session 10h00 - 13h00


There are only timed test sessions. The times are only to check against each other. After the timed test sessions Racement will provide a result sheet with the times, so the riders can compare the runs and times with other riders.


It goes without saying that all necessary hygiene measures are strictly observed. We have explicitly pointed out to all riders the distance rule, washing hands and avoiding group formation.

Some media guys (e.g. Red Bull Media House, Pinkbike, VitalMTB, MTB News) are present, so there will be a comprehensive coverage.

Here is the list of the riders:

Name Team Nation Jahrgang Klasse
Wyn Masters GT Factory Racing NZL 1987 Men
Martin Maes GT Factory Racing BEL 1997 Men
Johannes von Klebelsberg GT Factory Racing AUT 1995 Men
David Trummer YT Mob AUT 1994 Men
Andreas Kolb Gamux AUT 1996 Men
Markus Pekoll Schladming AUT 1987 Men
Thomas Estaque 100% Commencal FRA 1996 Men
Hugo Frixtalon 100% Commencal FRA 1999 Men
Greg Williamson 100% Commencal GBR 1992 Men
Johannes Fischbach Raymon GER 1988 Men
Erik Irmisch YT Racing Dudes GER 1988 Men
Max Hartenstern Cube Global Squad GER 1999 Men
Adam Rojcek Banshee SVK 1998 Men
Rastislav Baranek Kellys Factory SVK 1995 Men
Stefan Garlicki Grit Leatt RSA 1990 Men
Miran Vauh Blackthorn SLO 1982 Men
Harry Molloy FS Racing GBR 1991 Men
Noel Niederberger NWS Niederberger SUI 1995 Men
Felix Klee Züritrails SUI 1994 Men
Jure Zabjek Unior Tools SLO 1995 Men
Zak Gomilscek Unior Tools SLO 2001 Men
Manuel Lettenbichler KTM GER 1998 Men
Dominique Thury FOX GER 1992 Men
Valentin Rohrmoser Schladming AUT 2000 Men
Markus Daxbacher Lietz Sport Racing AUT 1998 Men
Melanie Chappaz Hope Technology FRA 1999 Women
Monika Hrastnik Dorval AM PRO SLO 1994 Women
Vali Höll YT SRAM TLD AUT 2001 Women
Nina Hoffmann Nina Hoffmann Racing - STIF GER 1996 Women
Veronika Widmann FS Racing ITA 1993 Women
Anastasia Thiele BSS Devo Team GER 2003 Women