iXS European Downhill Cup

Maribor is also falling victim to the crisis

There is currently still one race left on the calendar of the iXS Downhill Cup, but the omnipresent crisis is now crossing this out too. After a long struggle for feasibility, Maribor must now be cancelled without replacement.

Carve-Race_750 x 93_2021

Last weekend, for the first time this season, a race of the Specialized RockShox Rookies Cup was held and thus it was possible in Steinach, Thuringia, to meet the requirements regarding the corona pandemic. Unfortunately, the situation is very different locally and especially when compared across national borders. After long cooperative discussions and conceptualizations between the local organizer of the iXS European Downhill Cup in Maribor and the responsible authorities, the planned race must be cancelled at the end of September.

Various reasons were decisive for this. On the one hand, there is of course the currently very uncertain situation with regard to the increasing number of cases, especially with regard to the problem that many different nations take part in a European Cup race and the individual countries have very different regulations with regard to risk assessment. Thus, from the point of view of some participants, it would certainly not have been possible to easily travel without further complications.

Maribor Cancelled

However, the organizer would have faced a wide variety of conditions, some of which would have been feasible, but some of which appear almost impossible. One must know that the organizer of the race is basically the same one who would also host the World Cup. A similar concept had to be developed for this, too, which, however, could make more far-reaching measures possible due to a larger budget. Specifically, it is, for example, the obligation to subject all travellers to a corona test. At the European Cup, the costs would simply not have been affordable. The restrictions on the number of people who can be in a certain area at the same time would only have been possible with an enormous amount of material for cordoning off and manpower for control.

In summary, it can be said that the uncertainty regarding travel restrictions as well as the hardly financially viable effort to implement the required measures led to the difficult decision that, despite the long and laborious attempt, the race cannot be held. The Steinach example has shown that it is possible under certain conditions, but not everywhere.

As you can perhaps recognise as an outsider, we as Racement leave no stone unturned in order to run races or a kind of NotARace with the greatest possible safety under pandemic conditions, but the health of everyone involved is more important than our beloved sport. We are trying to get through this difficult time and together with the respective local organizers to offer races again in the future. We are already looking forward to Maribor 2021.