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Corona crisis

FAQ about the current situation

Right now nothing seems normal anymore. Unfortunately also our events have been hit by the Corona crisis even though, baring in mind the present situation, they do not seem really relevant right now, requests still keep accumulating. In the following are some answers to the most common questions asked:


The world of sports has been put on hold. Many events are being canceled or postponed at the moment leading to the question whether and how the iXS race season will start. The next few weeks will clarify if a delayed start of the races will be possible. We are very aware that, given the present circumstances, the leisure activity we provide is not relevant and we consider the process of getting back to a normal life more important. Never the less we are aiming to act within the interests of our event organizers and participants while trying to cope with a challenge that has never existed like this before and controls everything. In parallel we are preparing for the time after the corona crisis.

In general we would like to emphasize that all our statements, comments and estimations are being made based upon the state of information at the current moment (16.03.2020) and therefore represent a snap-shot of time. The past few days proofed a uncertainty regarding the situation and chances keep happening within hours an therefore leading to a chance that the validity and currency of the information in this article might already be invalid after publishing. In the following some answers to the most frequently asked and possible future questions.

Will the events take place as scheduled?

At the current state it seems to be very sure that the first race events of the season 2020 will not take place as planned.

Will there be any races taking place this season?

We cannot answer this question in a categorical manner right now. It is very likely though, that the crisis will continue for a longer period of time.

The iXS Dirt Masters Festival is postponed, will there still be races happening on the original date?

Even though we are slightly baffled by this question we are still willing to answer it. Of course there will be no races taking place as originally scheduled and that will also apply in case that other Festival events will be postponed in the near future.

What about the entry fee that I have paid already?

We will get in touch with the people being affected. The starting money in general is being issued to the event organizer, we are only receiving it and administer it in trust. We will take on the communication and coordinate with the ever organizers. In case for postponed events, we assume the registration that was made, will stay valid for the newly scheduled event in the future. We also assume that the event organizers will refund the paid race fee for a postponed event, in case one wants to withdraw the registration for the new date in time (before the new registration period starts).

What about the bookings of accommodations? Who will compensate financially?

Unfortunately we have to tell you, that this is up to the participant. The event has been canceled or postponed due to „force majeure“, and therefore one can only hope for the goodwill of the accommodation facilities. Apart from that, a usual travel cancellation insurance hasn´t included pandemics in the policies and will therefore most likely not compensate.

What will the series be like in general if some races cannot take place?

We will answer that question at given times. We will tackle this topic as soon as we are able to create a valid calendar.

Why is it not possible to contact Racement via telephone at the moment?

Unfortunately we are also affected by the current situation in real life. We have to supervise our children and strengthen the backs of our partners, who are working in jobs of systemic relevance. We give our best to respond to emails as soon as possible, but we cannot guarantee the communication via telephone within our usual business hours at the moment.

Why are the dates of the race calendar on the homepage not up to date?

Obviously we are trying our best within our limited human resources to keep all information on our homepage up to date. Unfortunately the circumstances are changing at such a pace at the moment, while the decision making still does take a long time. Therefore we do change the official dates on our homepage as soon as we consider it to be reasonable and possible due to the facts mentioned above

The underlying paradigm of ours is, that we do prefer to have a situation of normal life restored first that doesn´t inflict any health dangers upon human beings by unpredictable outer circumstances. We are not going to bind the capacity of medical work force within our events that is supposed to be working to improve the current situation. We are fully aware of the economic impacts potentially leading up to existential problems for our collaborating partners given by the situation, since they strongly depend on the tourism-, sport- and leisure industry. However its very difficult, considering the partially life threatening circumstances, to pursue economic interests.

Keep distance and stay healthy!