Race Agenda Downhill Series

Dates 2018

Finally it is here: the race calendar of the iXS Downhill Cup Series and the Specialized Rookies Cup 2018! There are 20 different races on the agenda this upcoming season and with the dates, we also introduce a huge change in the iXS Downhill Cup’s structure!


Is it November already? You know what that means, right? It is time to announce the dates for the upcoming iXS Downhill season. So grab a pen and save the dates! This season, we have 20 races in 6 countries in stock for you. Last season 2.512 athletes from 41 different nations competed 6.352 times in our races. Alone in the Rookies Cup there were 905 talented riders, 200(!) of them in the youngest categories. Let the numbers speak for themselves: this is how popular the iXS Cup has become!


iXS European Downhill Cup

The iXS European Downhill Cup enters its 11th season as a premium series and the new season brings some changes to the agenda. Out of the 5 races, only two hosts from last year’s cup will be also on the 2018 agenda. The first race will take us to one of the most popular tracks in the world: Maribor will open the season in April only one week before the first race of the World Cup in Losinj. So chances are that some of the Downhill World Elite will attend in Maribor as well. Two months later, the EDC takes us to Slovenia again for round two in Kranjska Gora. The third round will be hosted by EDC newcomer Abetone in Italy, before it heads to Spicak in late July which already awaits the riders with the brand new track. Last but not least, the final round of the EDC invites all riders to Brandnertal.

Track Walk - GDC Brandnertal 2016_00023.JPG

iXS European Downhill Cup
13.04.-15.04.18 iXS EDC #1 Maribor Slovenia
15.06.-17.06.18 iXS EDC #2 Kranjska Gora Slovenia
29.06.-01.07.18 iXS EDC #3 Abetone Italy
20.07.-22.07.18 iXS EDC #4 Spicak Czech Republic
31.08.-02.09.18 iXS EDC #5 Brandnertal Austria


iXS Downhill Cup

In addition, there will be some structural changes within the iXS Downhill Cup. What have been the iXS Swiss and iXS German Downhill Cup will merge to form the new iXS Downhill Cup, while both EDC and Specialized Rookies Cup remain exactly as they were.

(Read more about the reasons for and the details of this change here.)

The iXS Downhill Cup will include all the races with a rather national character and will crown both a German champion in Thale and a Swiss Champion in Bellwald. The riders are allowed to include 5 different races of their own choosing into their rankings.

iXS Downhill Cup
11.05.-13.05.18 iXS DHC #1 Winterberg Germany
19.05.-21.05.18 iXS DHC #2 Willingen Germany
22.06.-24.06.18 iXS DHC #3 Klinovec Czech Republic
27.07.-29.07.18 iXS DHC #4 Ilmenau Germany
17.08.-19.08.18 iXS DHC #5 Bad Tabarz Germany
24.08.-26.08.18 iXS DHC #6 Wiriehorn Switzerland
14.09.-16.09.18 iXS DHC #7 Innsbruck Austria
28.09.-30.09.18 iXS DHC #8 Thale Germany
05.10.-07.10.18 iXS DHC #9 Bellwald Switzerland


Specialized Rookies Cup

After the Specialized Rookies Cup presented by iXS increased the number of races to 6 in 2017, there will be again 6 races this upcoming season. In addition to 4 well-known venues, we added another 2 new ones to the mix, including one race in Italy and one in Schöneck, to keep challenging our rookies and helping them improve their skills!

Specialized Rookies Cup presented by iXS
10.05.18 Specialized RDC #1 Winterberg Germany
09.06.-10.06.18 Specialized RDC #2 Steinach Germany
07.07.-08.07.18 Specialized RDC #3 St. Kassian/Alta Badia Italy
14.07.-15.07.18 Specialized RDC #4 Saalbach Austria
03.08.-04.08.18 Specialized RDC #5 Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis Austria
08.09.-09.09.18 Specialized RDC #6 Schöneck Germany


iXS International Rookies Championships

And there is one more thing: Listen up rookies and save the date! At the first weekend in August the MTB Festival in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis will host the 2018 International Rookies Championships.

Pinkbike IRC - RDC Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis 2016.jpg