iXS EDC 2022 - Round 4

Information about Voss (NOR)

From 1 to 3 July, the iXS European Downhill Cup will make a guest appearance in Voss, Norway, as part of the world's largest extreme sports festival. Here we have compiled some information on the fourth stop of the series to make it as easy as possible for participants.

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Every year a small village in Norway called Voss becomes a hot destination for extreme sports enthusiast from all over the world. Ekstremsportveko (Extreme Sports Week), or "Veko" as it is commonly called by the locals, is a festival held annually in Voss, Norway. Established in 1998. For one whole week, national and international athletes compete and challenge themselves in the different elements in nature. Between 1.200-1.500 Athletes & 25.000 extreme sports interested people visit Veko and Voss each year. Athletes are represented from 50 different nations. The sports and disciplines are very different, but they have at least one thing in common: they are not mainstream:

  • Kayak
  • Skydiving
  • Windtunnel
  • B.A.S.E, Wingsuit
  • Paragliding, Hangliding, Speedflying
  • Big Air/Freeride
  • Skateboard, Longboard
  • Climbing, Bouldering
  • Slackline
  • MTB (Freeride, Downhill, Enduro)
  • BMX Slopestyle
  • Multisport, OCR




Ekstremsportveko is a non-profit organization and each year they are completely dependent on the 500-700 volunteers from all over the world contribute to make the festival a huge success. From sharing local know-how, to volunteering into the wee hours of the morning when help was needed, to taking tickets with a smile, they are the magic component that has given the festival its worldwide reputation.

The various sports are the main focus of Ekstremsportveko. However, the music program has become an important part of the total festival experience. The last three days of the event, DJs and artists, spice up the festival with their vibrant music.

Ekstremsportveko 2019, Concert, BigBang, Photo by Kristian Jøndal-7

There are no private owners in Ekstremsportveko. As a foundation, the profit can only be used for the following:

  • To develop Ekstremsportveko further
  • To help develop the athletes and extreme sports clubs in our community
  • Promote Voss as an extreme sport destination



If you want to travel to a place that offers exciting and spectacular experiences in beautiful union with nature, then Voss is the place for you! Voss is located in the middle of Fjord Norway and is just over an hour from Norway's second-biggest city Bergen. The «adrenalin capital of Norway» Voss can quickly become your new favorite destination and comes alive during the festival Ekstremsportveko.

At Ekstremsportveko there are a lot of things going on at once. Everything happens around the city of Voss. Down in the city centre the main venue, the festival tent is where everyone gathers at night after playing around at different venues throughout the day. The main tent is hosting the price ceremony, talks and the «Todays Video» (30-minute video with extreme sports from the same day). Gathering the visitors to watch the action that has been happening at Veko. After this the tent will be turned into a concert arena, with a nightclub every night.

Map of different sport venues at Ekstremsportveko: EKSTREMSPORTVEKO - Location map - Google My Maps



Address: Voss Resort Fjellheisar AS | Bavallsvegen 227 | 5710 Skulestadmo

Google maps: Ekstremsportveko '22 - iXS European Downhill Cup Voss

From the town center of Voss you will have access to the Ekstremsportveko festival tent and there are a variety of other activities located close by. The Bavallen area is the location of the iXS European Downhill Cup. From the city center, you can get to Bavallen within 5- 10 min by car. Bavallen is also the area where the festival organisation recommends booking accommodation. Close by MTB downhill venue/race office site there are cabins, flats and caravan camping and parking space. There are also other options for accommodation, but these accommodation options are not in the immediate vicinity of the Bavallen MTB location. More information about accommodations and booking below.



Caravan camping: 100 NOK resp. 9 Euro per night

Accommodation: Bavallstunet gives you a 30 % discount if you are attending the race. Use promocode IXSdownhill2022 when you are booking your accommodation with the link below.

Bavallstunet booking: https://booking.vossresort.no/en/book/accommodation

General information booking: Bavallstunet is the closest place to the race area. Here you can choose between cozy cabins or nice apartments. They are all located in Bavallen and have a nice view over the valley.
If you want to book a spot at the caravan camping area there will be more information coming soon.

Contact information and address Voss Bavallen

Phone: +47 4700 4700
Email: post@vossresort.no
Address reception (accommodation):
Voss Resort Bavallstunet
Bavallstunet 27, 5710 Skulestadmo (Voss)

Other information/Official travel guide Voss: Visit Voss | Official travelguide to Voss

Other accommodation: Accommodations, The Voss Region (visitvoss.no)

Voss Camping (camping close to the festival tent): https://vosscamping.no/en/



Bavallen DH track is the course for the race. The track has varied terrain, narrow and wide, wooden parts, plain and rocky sections in combination with fast and technical sectors. This track will test both technical and physical skills. The course has been used for competitions over many years and has proven to greatly separate times based on technical skills. The key data of the course are 1.800 meters length and 345 meters vertical difference.



There are two ways to get to the top of the DH track. The Voss gondola which starts at the city center and the Express lift which goes from Bavallen. Rides will get access to both, but during training and race it will be easiest to use the Express lift (on map). This 4-seat lift will take you from the bottom of the track and up to Hangurstoppen within 9 min.

Lageplan Lift




People from Europe often choose to drive up, usually the best way to get to Voss from Europe is by driving to Hirtshals, Denmark. From there you have a couple of options.
Take the ferry Color Line Superspeed from Hirtshals to Larvik. It takes about 4 hours and is not expensive. From Larvik it’s a 6-hour drive to Voss. Or you can take the ferry to Kristiansand, from there it is about a 7-8 hours drive to Voss.

Another option is Fjord Line ferries from Hirtshals to Bergen. From there Voss is only a 1,5 hour drive away. It’s a little more expensive, and it takes longer (overnight). Taking into account the drive from Larvik or Kristiansand, the costs of these three options probably end up being similar. If you want to drive the whole way and not spend your money on the ferry, you can also take the bridge from Denmark to Sweden and then drive through southern Sweden to Norway. But it’s a long drive. Taking the ferry from Denmark to Norway is easier and probably cheaper.

Ferry booking:
Hirtshals to Larvik:
Cost EUR 300-500 (departure and return). Depends on the size of your car and how many traveling together. Check out pisces and booking here: https://www.colorline.com/denmark-norway/ferry-hi...

Hirtshals to Bergen: Price and booking here: https://www.fjordline.com/en

Hirtshals to Kristiansand: https://www.colorline.no/kristiansand-hirtshals


Flying to Oslo (OSL) is usually the cheapest, but then you have to make your way to Voss. Driving takes about 6 hours. Taking the train from Oslo to Voss is pretty easy. You can get a local train from Oslo Airport (downstairs in the airport) to Oslo Central Station, and then get the regional train from there towards Bergen, and get off the train in Voss. There are regional trains about four times a day from Oslo to Voss. If you ask nicely, bringing a mountain bike usually won’t be an issue. The view on this trip with the train is amazing.

You can also fly to Bergen (BGO). From there Voss is 1,5 hours away. You can rent a car from there, or get to Voss by public transport. The light rail/tram (Bybanen) to Bergen now goes from the airport and is cheap. It has a stop at the train station in Bergen (called Nonneseter). From there, there are trains to Voss every hour.

Car rental
Renting a car should be pretty easy from all airports. Make sure you ask for roof racks if needed.

Train Ticket

Train times and ticket price: https://www.vy.no/en



If you register on the iXS website, the fee is prepaid only for the race itself (not for access to the other Ekstremsportvekos competitions or the festival tent/concert).

If you want to participate in the festival, the organisers recommend upgrading your ticket to an Extreme Sports Pass. To participate in other competitions during Ekstremsportvekos and to have access to the festival tent and concerts, iXS athletes need to upgrade their iXS ticket.

More information on registration, ticket purchase and prices will follow.

Photos by Kaisa Tiivel & Kristian Jøndal